Putting Harrisburg Back to Work For Us

  • Dan believes that for too long our elected officials in Harrisburg have “talked about change” and “promised change” on the campaign trail only to neglect that talk and those promises once in session.
  • Dan is focused on the 30th District and our needs and is not concerned about future elections or being a team player.
  • As a trial lawyer, Dan knows what it takes to win and will use his significant knowledge of the law and law making process to fighting back against the “Harrisburg Way” on Day 1.

A Thriving Central Pennsylvania

  • Our communities are full of hard working skilled people. Dan will fight to ensure Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are not getting rich and fat off of our tax dollars and that we get our fair share.
  • Our mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests are among the most beautiful on the Eastern Seaboard: full of abundant game, fish, and wildlife. Dan will work to improve our profile regionally and nationally to bring tourism dollars to our backyard.
  • Central Pennsylvania is rich in traditions, values, and customs. Dan will fight to ensure that OUR way of life is not pushed aside or forgotten.

A Focus on Main Street

  • Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local communities; hiring local people with good wages and investing back into Central Pennsylvania.
  • Dan will cut the red tape and regulations strangling our small business and ensure that our local businesses can grow and expand.
  • Dan will never be a corporate puppet or bought and paid for by special interests.

Protecting Our Communities

  • Our Police and First Responders put their lives on the line daily to protect our communities. Dan will work to secure funding for upgraded equipment and will work to help protect the futures of those who protect us.
  • Opioids are poisoning our communities and Dan will work on a comprehensive plan to address addiction and punish those who bring this poison into our homes and communities.

PA 30 First

  • Dan will always put the needs of the community and this district over the wishes of special interests and the country club elitism of Harrisburg.
  • Dan is a fighter, a leader, and a winner and will take on the Do-Nothing culture of Harrisburg and he will fight for results not ratings.